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1 Exh.1.0.1   NLU establishment decision Decision
2 Exh.1.0.2   Strategy, Vision and Mission of NLU Document
3 Exh.1.0.3   Vision, mission and educational philosophy of FASVM Decision



4 Exh.2.1.1   Website of FASVM and NLU Website
5 Exh.2.1.2   Decision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2014, 2017 & 2018  
a Decision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2014 Decision
b Decision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2017 Decision
c Decision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2018 Decision
6 Exh.2.1.3   NLU regulation on executing of contributing feedback from all related parties Decision
7 Exh.2.1.4   NLU’s Quality Assurance Handbook Document
8 Exh.2.1.5   Education Law & Regulation of MOET  
a Chapter VI, Education Law established in 2005 and 2012 Document
b Regulation 43 of MOET on credits educating Document
c National level frame published in 2017 Document
d United document No: 17/VBHN-BGDĐT, united of Regulation 43 and Circular 57 Document
e Regulation on credits educating Decision
9 Exh.2.1.6   Feedback from stakeholders, alumni, students and lecturers from 2012-2017  
a Meeting minutes + Summarized reports of Alumni and stakeholders feedback in 2012, 2015, 2017 Document
b Investigation form and survey reports of student in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Document
c Annual meeting minutes of FASVM on contributions for the curriculum in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Document
d Meeting minutes of FASVM’s Board of Science and Education on ELOs and curriculum in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Document
e Investigation form for students and lecturers on ELOs and curriculum + Report Document
f FASVM conference report on ELOs in 2011, 2014, 2017 Document
10 Exh.2.1.7   Programme comparison report in 2011, 2014, 2016 Document
11 Exh.2.1.8   FASVM’s Student Handbook Document
12 Exh.2.1.9   Decision on establishment of NLU & FASVM Academic and Scientific Committee  
a Decision on establishment of FASVM Board of Science and Education Decision
b Decision on establishment of NLU Board of Science and Education Decision
13 Exh.2.1.10   Programme specification Document
14 Exh.2.1.11   Course syllabus constructing & revision  
a Course syllabus constructing process Document
b Course syllabus Document
c Department/FASVM meeting minutes about course syllabus revisions Document


15 Exh.2.2.1   Table of Entrance score statistics in 5 years (2012 – 2017) Document
16 Exh.2.2.2   The Veterinary Medicine Diploma Document
17 Exh.2.2.3   Curriculum Map Document
 18 Exh.2.2.4   Mapping CLOs to the ELOS Document


19 Exh.2.3.1   Different versions of the Curriculum in 2011, 2014 Decision
20 Exh.2.3.2   Assessment Rubrics Document
21 Exh.2.3.3   Teaching schedule Document
22 Exh.2.3.4   List of equivalent subjects Document
23 Exh.2.3.5   List of students who study a second diploma Document


24 Exh.2.4.1   Educational philosophy of FASVM Document
25 Exh.2.4.2   FASVM’s Lecturers Handbook Document
26 Exh.2.4.3   Student-Faculty Dean Board Meeting minutes Document
27 Exh.2.4.4   Seminar on teaching and learning method Document
28 Exh.2.4.5   Teaching method training for academic staff  
a List of lecturers participated in the teaching method trainings Document
b Pictures of the training course Image
29 Exh.2.4.6   Proof about applied study activities, self-study collaboration, practical approach Image
30 Exh.2.4.7   Syllabus of field trip courses Document
31 Exh.2.4.8   Special presentation activities  
a List of subjects contain special presentation and ratio Document
b Special presentation report Document
32 Exh.2.4.9   MOU contracting with company + pictures of activities Document
33 Exh.2.4.10   Student research activities  
a List of research projects of student Document
b Student participated in conference presentations Image
34 Exh.2.4.11   Activities of English club Image
35 Exh.2.4.12   Layout of subject registration website Website
36 Exh.2.4.13   List of subjects which were taught in English Document
37 Exh.2.4.14   Activity plan of Youth Union, Student Association Document


38 Exh.2.5.1   Student recruitment regulation Document
39 Exh.2.5.2   Sample of rubric practical assessment of subjects Document
40 Exh.2.5.3   Thesis & graduation essay  
a List of Graduation researches Document
b Board of Graduation thesis defends Document
c Sample of rubrics especially for internship, project and thesis writing Document
d Samples of Thesis, graduation essay Document
41 Exh.2.5.4   Examination activities  
a Bank of examination samples Document
b Handbook of examination hand over Document
c Procedure of examination issues Document
c Sample of final semester examination Document
e Exams selecting and copying procedure Document
f Exams selecting and copying report Document
g Exams monitoring procedure Document
h Assignment list of exams monitoring staffs Document
i Deliver and receive exams procedure Document
j Exams submission and result announcement protocol Document
k Educating regulations on examination, student assessment Document
42 Exh.2.5.5   Recognition decision of individual rewards Decision
43 Exh.2.5.6   Complaining procedure  
a Score complaining form Document
b Complaining procedure in related to studying results Document


44 Exh.2.6.1   Academic staff manpower  
a Human resource emplacement in 5 years Document
b Human resource emplacement at NLU Document
c List of retired lecturers and new employee recruitment Document
d Development plan for Associated Professor Document
e List of academic staffs Document
f Scientific curriculum and diploma of academic staff Document
g List of Management staffs Document
h Decision on management staff designation Decision
45 Exh.2.6.2   Training activities for academic staff  
a The human resources training and developing procedure Document
b Scholarship announcement from International Relationship Office Document
c Investigation of learning demands of academic staffs Document
d Training and Learning demands investigation summary Document
e Training plans for academic and support staff Document
f List of lecturers undertake post-graduates study 2012-2017 Document
g Decision on studying abroad for lecturers Document
h List of lecturers participated in short training course abroad, international and national conference Document
i Pictures of MOU with Queensland University, OIE Image
j Professional qualification or University teaching theory Certificate
46 Exh.2.6.3   Teaching activities of academic staff  
a Semester teaching schedule Document
b Form and 10 result samples of class attendance and investigation in different year Document
c Investigation form on class attending hours Document
d Investigation procedure, checking the execution of teaching regulation of lecturers Document
e Function of Education Inspector Document
f Report on class attending hours Document
g Report on examination investigation Document
h Appearance of documents supporting website Website
47 Exh.2.6.4   Research activities of academic staff  
a List of international papers Document
b List of national papers Document
c Proceeding of APVS 2013, FAVA 2016, AVS 2015, 2017, FASVM conference Document
48 Exh.2.6.5   Academic staff recruitment  
a Staff recruitment procedure Document
b Staff recruitment plan Document
c Criteria checklist for staff recruitment Document
d Regulation on lecturer standard Document
e Staff recruitment announcement (website, etc) Document
f Decision on assigning probationary guiding academic staff Decision
g Documents for probation expiration of academic staff Decision
h Decision on recognition of probation period of academic staff Decision
i Job description Document
49 Exh.2.6.6   Planning of core development strategy of FASVM 2011-2015, 2015-2020 Document
50 Exh.2.6.7   Human resource policies related to academic staff  
a Decree No. 29/2012/NĐ-CP on 12/4/2012 of the government about recruitment, executing and managing of staffs Document
b Labor law Document
c Law No. 22/2008/QH12 Law of academic staff Document
d Law No. 58/2010/QH12 Law of servant Document
e Regulation on internal criteria Document
f Regulation on working condition, duty and benefits of lecturers Decision
g Description of personal tasks Decision
h Clause 22: About standard working hour for lecturers, Regulation on internal criteria of NLU Decision
51 Exh.2.6.8   Services activities of FASVM academic staff  
a Pictures of One Health training Image
b Decision + List of student and lecturer attend vaccination compaign for animals Decision
c Meetings minutes with stakeholders Document
d List + Pictures of Training course at FASVM Document
52 Exh.2.6.9   Emulation and rewards for academic staff  
a Decision on awarding for staff annually Decision
b Staff assessment and classification report, assessment form Document
c Decision on recognition Rewards Decision
d Instruction on competing and award assessment Document
e Decision on salary level increase, seniority pay for academic staff, servant 2013 Decision
f Decision on early salary raise of FASVM academic staff Decision
g Report on individual staff assessment 2016, 2017 Document
h Teacher’s day pictures, New Year Meeting Image


53 Exh.2.7.1   Support staff manpower  
a Human resourse development plan Document
b Statistical analysis number of academic staff qualification Document
c List of library human resource based on qualification Document
d List of laboratory management staffs Document
e List of support staffs Document
54 Exh.2.7.2   Support staff recruitment  
a Supporting staff recruitment plan Document
b Regulation on criteria for selection of supporting staffs Document
c Supporting staff recruitment announcement Document
d List of retired staff and new recruitment Document
e Decision on assigning probationary guiding support staff Decision
f Documents for probation expiration of support staff Document
g Decision on recognition of probation period of support staff Decision
55 Exh.2.7.3   Training for support staff  
 a Decision on training for supporting staffs Decision
 b List of support staff attend the training course Document
 c Mail system, website, texts, etc. on feeding-up allowances informing (supporting staffs) Website
56 Exh.2.7.4   Emulation and rewards for support staff  
a Competing and awarding classification and awarding table for offices Document
b Recognition decision of competing award and awarding form 2015-2016: individuals and group Decision
c Salary increase decision for academic and support staffs from 2011-2016 Decision
d Decision on early salary increase of supporting staff Decision


57 Exh.2.8.1   NLUHCM student intake policy and admission criteria  
a Enrollment regulation and announcement Document
b Strategy and approaching activities, career orientation for high school students Document
c Students intake policy, admission criteria, benchmark analyzed table and graph Document
d Student enrollment handbook Document
58 Exh.2.8.2   FASVM student intake and quality  
a List of successful candidates Decision
b Announcement of successfully selected Decision
c Comparison table, Recognition decision for top ranked student Decision
59 Exh.2.8.3   List of supporting services for students  
a List of advisors from 2012-2017 Decision
b Decision of the function and duty of the Student Affair Office Decision
c Career Affair day (list of companies participated and photo) Document
d Information of part-time jobs and job opportunities Document + website
e Establishment decision of Student affairs office and Companies Relation Center Decision
f Establishment decision of Psychology consultation team Decision
g Assignment decision of assistant Dean of student affairs Decision
h Assignment decision of FASVM’s advisors Decision
i Soft skill seminar and training courses Document Image
j Questions and answer website Document
60 Exh.2.8.4   FASVM student meeting minutes and activities plan  
a New students meeting minutes Image
b Class meeting minutes Document
c Plan for Welcoming new student Document
d Welcoming new student activities Image
e Pictures of outdoor activities Image
61 Exh.2.8.5   Student scholarships and awards  
a Student awards Decision
b University scholarship considering meeting minutes Document
c List of students who received university scholarships Document
d List of companies sponsored for FASVM’s student scholarships Document
e List of FASVM’s student received sponsorship from companies Document
62 Exh.2.8.6   Feedback from fresh graduate students  
a Investigation form for fresh graduate students Document
b Summarization report of fresh graduate student investigation Document


63 Exh.2.9.1   Timetable Document
64 Exh.2.9.2   Staff office, hall, classroom and laboratory  
a List of FASVM’s office Document
b Staff office Document
c Classroom and laboratory Image
d Office total area statistics Document
e Classroom, laboratory regulations Image
f Classroom and laboratory total area statistics Document
g Student hall total area Document
h Pictures of student hall activities Image
65 Exh.2.9.3   Library resources and activities  
a List of textbooks Document
b Book orders form Document
c List of magazines from 2012-2017 Document
d List of FASVM library documents Document
e Library management software adjustment contract Document
f Decision of the function and activities of library Decision
g Rules of library Document
h Investigation result of students who used the library Document
66 Exh.2.9.4   E-resources  
a List of electronic textbook and documents Document
b Sample of e-databases (Vetstream, Royal canin…) Website
67 Exh.2.9.5   Veterinary Hospital  
a List of Veterinary Hospital possessed equipments Document
b Activities of Veterinary Hospital Image
68 Exh.2.9.6   Activities of Practical farm Document
69 Exh.2.9.7   Plan of purchasing, maintenance and checking of the facilities and equipments  
a Facilities purchasing procedure Document
b Plans of purchase facilities Document
c Facilities checking procedure Decision
d Annual facilities checking report 2015, 2016 Document
e Facilities usage recording handbook Document
f Fixing, maintenance and purchasing plan Document
g Facility management office website Document
h Hotline for maintenance facilities Image
70 Exh.2.9.8   IT facilities  
 a Contracts on connection improving Document
 b List of emails contacts of staff Document
 c List of computers Document
 d Educational software licensed Document
71 Exh.2.9.9   Student dormitory  
a Report of dormitory Document
b Co May Dormitory (pictures) Image
72 Exh.2.9.10   Sport facilities and activities  
a Football field design Document
b List of sport supporting facilities Document
c Sport stadium constructing contract Document
d Total area for sports activities Document
73 Exh.2.9.11   Health care  
a List of students attended for health check 2013-2015 Document
b Student health insurance form Document
c List of students participated in health insurance program Document
d Health check contract 2012 – 2017 Document
e Annual health check plan Document
f Hallways, special toilets for disabilities Image
74 Exh.2.9.12   Security and safety regulations  
a Establishment decision of security team Decision
b Decree No. 06/2013/NĐ-CP on security team Document
c NLU regulation about security Decision
d Establishment decision of Fire prevention and fighting Decision
e Fire prevention and fighting regulations Document
f Pre-holiday announcement about Fire Fighting Training Document
g Pictures of regulations and orders Image
h Fire prevention and fighting training course Document
 i Establishment decision for the Department of Safety technique – Industrial protection Document


75 Exh.2.10.1   Alumni association activities  
a Activities of Alumni association Website + image
b Meeting miniutes between FASVM and Alumni association Document
 c Meeting minutes on outdoor activities construction Document
 d Department meeting minutes and specialized presentation Document + Image
76 Exh.2.10.2   Self-assessment and Quality assurance regulations  
a Establishment decision of Self-assessed Board, Secretary department and Self-assessed department 12/8/2015 and 6/6/2017 Decision
b Establishment decision of AUN team Decision
c Self-assessment plan of AUN Document
d Self-assessment report at NLU level Document
e External self-assessment projection plan Document
f Establishment decision of the Examination and Quality Assurance center + Function of the Examination center Decision
77 Exh.2.10.3   Activities of scientific technology transfer Image
78 Exh.2.10.4   List of courses applied the research outputs Document
79 Exh.2.11.1   Graduating consideration  
a Regulation on graduating consideration Decision
b Graduating consideration announcement of the Academic affairs office Document
c Procedure of dropout students Decision
80 Exh.2.11.2   Plan of studying and subject registration  
    a Announcement of the Academic affairs office on subject registration each semester Document
    b Announcement of Studying schedule publishing of academic year Document
    c Plan of online registration and adjustment the courses Document
81 Exh.2.11.3   Admission requirement for Co May Dormitory Document
82 Exh.2.11.4   Feedback of Graduated student  
    a Graduated student ability to satisfy job requirements investigation form Document
    b Graduated student investigation form (6 months after graduation) Document
    c Investigation form of Employability status of student after graduation Document
    d List of successful alumni of FASVM Document
83 Exh.2.11.5   Financial distribution of scientific technology activities for student Document
84 Exh.2.11.6   Scientific awards and other Scientific conference awards Certificate
85 Exh.2.11.7  

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